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STEP 1 - Increase Visibility

90% of consumers today perform a Google search before purchasing any goods or services. Your customers start with search engines so you should too. Get to the top of Google and everything changes.

STEP 2 – Increase New & Repeat Business

The top spot in Google gets 35-50% of all the traffic on the web for that keyword. For example, if the keyword search is “SEO Company Los Angeles” there are approx. 1440 searches per month. The top spot would get 504-720 visitors per month. That is amazing! Just imagine all the new business we can redirect away from your competitors towards your business.

STEP 3 – Increase Your Bottom Line

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Discuss Your Goals

We can help you grow but we want to know what your goals are. Let’s discuss your plans for growth to help us understand exactly what you are trying to achieve.

Research Local Market

SEO is not a one size fits all marketing strategy. Every market is different so we need to first understand your market and find the best paths to increase your revenue.

Assess Your Website

Google evaluates hundreds of factors on each page of your site so we need to get in and look it over so we can create a custom plan to make your website as compatible with google as possible. The more google likes your site the faster it will climb to the top of the rankings.


Once we get your site performing at it’s highest potential it is time to evaluate your competition. By analyzing your competitors websites we are able to get a clear understanding of what it is going to take to outrank them and increase your revenue.

Custom SEO Plan

Google is constantly changing their methods to ensure only the best of the best can get to the top of their search engine. If SEO is not done correctly Google will penalize your business by pushing you further and further from the top. Our specialty is creating a unique, custom plan that is tailored specifically to your business. We will help you get to #1 so you can reach all your goals.


Any marketing strategy can only be measured by results. How much return did you get on your investment? Our goal is to create an affordable custom approach to your business goals that can generate the highest returns. SEO done with sophistication has proven time and time again to dramatically increase revenues. We want to give you all of our sophistication in a simple plan that will benefit your business for years to come.


EO, or Search Engine Optimization, in simple terms means making Google like your website. They need to know your site is trustworthy and the best match for their users when they search a particular term. Accomplishing this has become very difficult in recent years, but it's our specialty. With a proper recipe of on site factors, social signals and authoritative links, we land #1 rankings with ease.

Social Media Management

Social Media offers some of the most effective ways to build your brand and increase your customer base while driving traffic to your website. But much like Google, each major social media platform has their own system and practices they want followed in order to receive maximum exposure and reach. We'll get your content and images flowing and your social accounts growing, so you can focus on what matters most...your business and its new customers.

Business Consulting

Our SEO brings you more customers and our FREE business consulting will help guide you on how to close more of them. This gets you an even larger ROI than industry standards and is a one-of-a-kind service you can't find anywhere else! It's one thing to get more potential customers to your door step. But once they're there, do you know how to close as many of them as possible? We do.

The #1 Search Engine Optimization Agency

In Southern Florida

iFuze Marketing – Who Are We and Why Choose Us?

We’ve been involved in internet marketing since 2007 and our specialty is dominating the first page of Google for top rankings and listings, leading to hoards of traffic for our clients websites. To stay on the cutting edge we have partnered with an elite private group of some of the top internet marketers in the world. Our sole purpose is to decode Google and keep each other ahead of the always shifting internet trends.

Google is a business gold mine, but they also work around the clock to improve their engine and this means running countless updates that leave most SEO companies without a real clue, practicing outdated methods that not only don’t work, but could also harm your website and any future chance you have at showing up highly in their listings. You need an SEO company that’s on top of the changes, not always chasing behind them. As we speak, our group collectively holds over 30,000 #1 ranked terms across Google, including the top listing you found us at. We stay leagues ahead of our competitors, provide cutting edge services, results and an unfair advantage to our clients, while our competition struggles to deliver mediocrity at best. Imagine what that could do for your business if it was ranked #1 for your industry in your city. I say to you with complete confidence that we can get you there.

SEO West Palm Beach – What is Search Engine Optimization and why do you need it?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization in simple terms means making your website likeable by Google, so they display it first, rather than your competitors, when people are looking for what you offer. And make no mistake about it. Your potential clients/customers ARE looking for you on Google before they call you. It’s a new day and age and marketing methods from 20 years ago simply don’t work anymore. With the fast and easy information Google makes available to us all, 90% of consumers do a quick internet search to find out more before calling a business or stopping in to see them, which is why it’s critical that you show up. That’s a LOT of customers and if you’re not readily visible when they’re looking, they’ll never call you. Instead they’ll call your competitors that are showing up simply because there’s nobody else in your town with a site that Google ’likes’ better to place first instead.

How much business are you losing that you never even knew about? How much more money could you be making per month if more customers were ringing your phone? Many thousands of dollars every month…that’s how much. Depending on your line of work and customer value, that top Google spot could mean $10K/month more, or it could mean $200K/month more. No matter how much, it’s simply too much to pass up if you don’t have to. In a service industry, success isn’t achieved by doing what we want. It’s achieved by doing what our customers want. 90% of your could-be customers want to see you on top of Google. Let’s get you all that business you’ve been missing.

SEO Palm Beach – How much does this cost?

While costs do vary based on a variety of factors, you can rest assured that we are amongst the most competitive in the business. Before we can set a monthly price, we need to look at a number of things with you, such as the nature of your business, the volume of customers available in the search engines, how much competition we WILL be beating, if you have a website or not, if it’s clean or damaged by past bad SEO, and if so whether or not repairing it is financially advantageous for you over building you a fresh shiny new rankable one that’s perfectly receptive to Google algorithms and signals.

For these reasons there unfortunately is no one set price for SEO services and any time you see someone quoting flat fees ahead of time you should take that as a red flag and steer clear, because not only can low fees be a huge wasted expense if the work that comes with them is poor and there is no return on investment, but that same bad “cheap” work can result in huge additional repair expenses in the future. With us however, we not only assure you the fairest and most reasonable pricing possible, but your profits will be far greater than any costs we need to charge. So it’s never a matter of what you’re “spending.” It’s only a matter of how much more you’re making!

Where do you go from here? What’s the next step?

A huge increase in business and income could be right around the corner for you. The next step for you is to complete our simple Discovery Application. It only takes a couple of minutes. Upon receipt we will create and send you a personal video analysis of your website with 24-72 hours, and then we’ll to discuss what level of success you’re looking to achieve, and how we can get you there as quickly as possible.

Or you can also feel free to call us directly at (561)425-7555 to discuss your situation at any time. We look forward to working with you!

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